After update, Cloud Function not working anymore

Trying to call one of my CFs but not working anymore after server update.
Code did not change.

Subdomain: q4vhspxry4lr
Moralis Version: 0.0.254

I tested before upgrading Moralis server and after that and this cloud function works fine for me:

Moralis.Cloud.define("getMyScapes", async (request) => {
    const myScapes = "TEST";
    return myScapes;

This is the error log on the backend.

This has nothing to do with the CF itself, because the code has not been changed and it worked yesterday. It looks like an internal problem with Moralis and Cloudflare.

There is a known issue currently with API on BSC node, initially I thought that you had a dummy function that is not working any more.
We’ll get back when fixed.