Advanced Registration Forms

Hi there, first of all i would like to tell you congratulations for your works on Moralis.
This thing is totally amazing!

I did a lot of search on Moralis docs and youtube and on popular search engines. :laughing:

I didnt find what i’m looking for so… Hi :slight_smile:
( I have a functional Wallet Login button )
( and also have a register by email and password section )

But they don’t work together.

Is there a way for my community to register with wallet , email and custom name at the same time. I would like them to fill all the field to register.

I want to create a private edit profile zone with inventory and custom β€˜β€™ avatar β€˜β€™ β€˜β€™ Nicknames β€˜β€™ β€˜β€™ inventory β€˜β€™ β€˜β€™ Descriptions β€˜β€™. etc…

Thank you very much guys!
I’m pretty excited to work with Moralis.

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