Address synchronisation not starting

Hey Moralis Team!

First of thanks for this amazing framework, everything became super easy and I love to use the API so far. It’s like creating blockchain apps on steroids!

I have however encountered a problem with synching a BSC address (it’s a contract). I created the server, added the address and started synching with historical events. The log says
" 1. 2021-10-10T13:24:25.709Z - {“sync_historical”:true,“address”:“0x------”}¬" (removed address, please PM if it’s necessary to disclose),

Is this just taking some time / days to complete or where can I see the progress?


ps: I also tried running it as a job again but it just says success without any changes afterwards.

Hi, did you do that sync address on a server that is specific to the chain where that address has transactions?
As in on mainnet, testnet, local devchain?

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It’s on BSC mainnet, as is the contract address. :+1:

you could provide your server address so someone could take a look at your server

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Sure, how do I contact the official support or do forum members have access to the server as well?

Edit: It now shows “Address is required” in the job status:

10 Oct 2021 at 13:30:14 UTC Address is required FAILED

Forum members can redirect to dev team if needed. You don’t need to contact additional official support.

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I have sent you the details as PM, please let me know. It’s quite urgent to get this address synchronised. Thank you!

do you see new transactions from that address synced or nothing gets synced from that contract address?

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I only see role and user as database classes, nothing new created.

your server is latest version: 0.0.277?
if you go to you can execute there a simple web3api query without problems?

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Yes, latest version 277, can you paste a minimal working example? I used only the react context.

On first API endpoint there GET ​/block​/{block_number_or_hash} ( you can click on try it out and enter a small block number (421423) and then click execute, and you should see:

  "timestamp": "2015-10-22T09:08:56.000Z",
  "number": "421423",
  "hash": "0x4d8d7b4696d28cb04df4f655e63a17a84d02644021a89a86a71b42cc236dd8a4",

Wanted to check that you have the api key, but if you were able to use web3api from react then this should not be a problem.

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Yes, goes through without problems

  "timestamp": "2020-09-12T18:40:49.000Z",
  "number": "421423",
  "hash": "0xd5e33362ea5fa0236d9b3ec1d68....5847cab8badc20b66949de617b497e92a",```

Omg, I just deleted everything and redid it. Seems like it’s working now. Maybe I added it to early after creating the server …

Edit: Or at least the first 8 transactions. Let’s see whether it’ll get to 220k :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your help!

it looks like initially you didn’t select BSC chain when you added the watch address event, you have to select it by clicking on it.

I see, I don’t recall it 100% but it’s very likely.

As user experience feedback, it would be good to have a similar check like when adding event synchronisations. Everytime I added events, it would warn me if no chain is selected. With just one chain option for the address synchronisation, it maybe did not seem necessary to select one. Also the error message “Address is required” could then be directed to “No chain specified”.

yes, it was not the perfect user experience there

Just one more question, does it update historical transactions later or how do I trigger them to be fetched or how long does it take to get ~200k transactions?

we will have to check the historical part for this address in particular, from my tests it didn’t do a historical sync

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Thanks for checking, do I have to rerun something?