/{address}/nft/{token_address} not returning NFTs

const { fetch, data, error } = useMoralisWeb3ApiCall(



            chain: "0x4",

            address: user_address,

            token_address: "0x90B7424F09c3e9e9e9D3718ee26052E5392A000c",



Server subdomain: z62iwqedukzn
I minted three tokens on this contract. The ownerOf, balanceOf and tokenURI functions of the contract is showing the owner and updated token balance and the corresponding URI properly. Even the token transfer events show up properly in the Moralis dashboard. But when I try to get the user’s NFTs using Web3Api.account.getNFTsForContract it returns an empty array.
Note: This code was working perfectly fine until 2 days ago. It started returning new tokens with their metadata property as null (but everything else was properly populated including token_uri) when calling from the app. Hadn’t changed anything in the code. Redeployed the contract and created a new server and now it’s returning an empty array.

I can check later in 1-2 hours

Update: /nft/{address}/metadata is showing the contract abi as null. And /nft/{address}/{token_id} is returning error 404. The contract doesn’t seem to be syncing with the Moralis server. Any ideas as to why this might be happening? After running a new contract migration and creating a new server, I copied the new app id and server url to my app and updated all the contract address in all places of my code. Did I have to do something else too?

it looks like this is a new contract, in order to index a new smart contract, one option is first to call getTokenIdMetadata for a token id from that smart contract

the part with the abi, it may be because the smart contract is not validated, and Moralis doesn’t know what is the abi

I did try to get the metadata for a token ID in ​/nft​/{address}​/{token_id}

It returned Error 404 with this message: ```
“message”: “No metadata found! Try again later”

yes, I also checked now, and it doesn’t work, if in one hour there is still no data there for getTokenIdMetadata, then we will have to investigate what happens

It was working fine with the previous instances of the contract

It may be some recent problem on Moralis side, I think that someone else had a similar problem today

Okay. Will be waiting for any updates

It looks like it is an internal problem to Moralis that we will have to fix.

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It’s probably an issue with just the Moralis Web3 API because the owned tokens are showing up properly on the dashboard in the EthNFTOwners tab but the Web3 API returns an empty array.

ok, thanks for the new information

Any updates on the null metadata issue? All the tokens minted in the past week are still returning null.

I’ll get back today with updates.

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