Adding plugins to server

Are there only 2 plugins available? how do i get a plugin for checking nft balances?

Yes, we currently have 2 plugins only.

You can do this without plugins. You can use our API to directly query it.

Check this out over here-

Instead of using Moralis.Web3.getNFTs() as shown in the videos, do use the newer syntax i.e. Moralis.Web3API.getNFTs()

Hope this helps.

Thanks alot moralis is so huge i hardly know where to look. Im still getting used to sdks. Also i recognize you from the academy, youve helped me out before im moneymony in the forum

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Wow. Really happy to see you hear as well. I try my best to assist all our developers to achieve what they need.

Keep up the awesome work! Happy BUIDLing! :smiley: :man_mechanic: