Add support for Base Sepolia Testnet


Currently, the only supported Base Testnet is Goerli (based on, which is now deprecated. I want to test out the Streams API service with a set of contracts deployed on the Base Sepolia. Do you have plans adding support for it?


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Hi @gabrielstoica

Base sepolia support will be available in the next 1 or 2 weeks.

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Hi @johnversus - thanks for your update! Looking forward to it!

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Hi, you can already test it now, we went live with it, we have to do some more tests.

Chain id: 0x14a34

Update: we released web3api today. I’ll have to check streams api.
Update: streams api should work also, the UI is not ready yet, but you could use the API or swagger interface.


Thanks! I can confirm that it works!

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Hi, @cryptokid! Is there a way to test a stream on Base Sepolia other than going through the UI? Thanks!

Hi @gabrielstoica

You can use the API endpoints directly to use the Base Sepolia chain. Please have a look at the below swagger docs for the stream endpoint details.

Feel free to reply if you have any questions.

Hi @johnversus! I’ve created a follow up ticket related to this one here. Thanks!