Add NFT section to my website


I have found Moralis super useful so far. Need help with the following:

I have a website where I currently sell merch, physical products and more. Now, I am planning to add an NFT section to my website. I want to continue using the existing payment gateway I have(Stripe), even for NFTs as my customers aren’t tech savvy enough to install wallets or have on ramp solutions.

So, I plan to generate an ethereum address on behalf of my customers using the web 3 documentation(

What’s the best way to store the private, public key? Should I store it on Moralis with encryption and decrypt for signing the transaction? Is there any other way? What are my options here?

I didn’t understand how you want to sell NFTs for you users, as you said that they would not be tech savvy. You are going to generate a private key for every user and keep them on your server?

The best way to save a private key would be on your own server, if you have to do that, preferably not on your Moralis server.
You could keep the NFTs on your account until your users want to sell them, as a user to be able to transfer an NFT from a new address will also need native currency for gas.

Also, Moralis allows this marketplace to be built cross chain, but for every chain you wish to use, you will need to deploy the contract on said chain (this one is on Mumbai testnet).

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