"Add Instance" button doesn't do anything

Hello, new to Moralis, excited to get started. I’m following the React setup and trying to generate an app ID. So I go into Moralis and I’m trying to add a new server.

I select:

  • Region: San Francisco
  • Network: Mainnet
  • Chain: Ethereum

At this point the “add instance” button has not highlighted and does not give me a special pointer like it’s clickable when I hover on it. I try clicking it and it does nothing.

What can I do?

This is the first server that you create?
Did you validate your email?

Yes, it is the first server I’m creating. Yes, I validated my email.

The problem was that I was missing a name for the server. I had interpreted the placeholder text as a preset, unchangeable name, rather than a prompt to enter my own.