Add field index to ERC20 tokens transfers

Add the field index for ERC20 tokens transfers, as it exists for native transactions and NFT transfers.

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Not a responso, could anyone give me an idea about it?

You mean the โ€œlog_indexโ€ field right?

Yes! exactly that field!

we will see what we can do about it, I understand the issue

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Do you have an Idea when will it go live? I need this information.

Iโ€™ll have to ask the team, it is on roadmap, I donโ€™t have an exact ETA now.

an initial assumption could be that it could take close to 1 month

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This seems nice, please let me know!!

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Hei, do you have any news about this?

Iโ€™ll ask the team if there are updates

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in case that you need it for real time data, you can use Streams API now for that, this is an example