Add commission for swap

Hello guys, there is any possibilities to add commission to a swap transaction that works using 1inch plugin or other moralis service? I’m trying to create a dex and I would like to add a commission, it’s possible?

Thanks in advance

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Hey @Mumboj

It’s a plugin for extending the functionality of your dapp, not for generating profit. You can create your own code for using 1Inch API and getting profit from swaps

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Guys? Are you serious that there is no commission for using this 1Inch or Onramp plugin? Then whats the point of sweating myself to code this into my App? Am sure there must be a way to earn commission from these plugins?

There are many ways to monetize your dapp and token economy

currently there is no way to add commission in our plugins

At this time, the use of the exact ethereum boilerplate is only cosmetic.

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