Add ability to export/import a server's Plugin settings

I’ve gone through quite some server instances during different stages of development and it would be cool if the Plugins could be migrated to a new server somehow. Even if contract addresses and possibly other things change, doing it manually can cause frustrating errors when you forget or misconfigure them on the new server.

Another improvement for me would be to add the Plugin Description to the Plugin Overview list, so you see which plugins to what. I have quite some ‘Sync and Watch Contract Events’ plugins and you have to open them to see which one to edit or which ones are missing.

Other than that, you’re still awesome for making us buidl more freely and light :heart_eyes:

One more thing for Plugins: would be cool to be able to copy all of the installed ones from 1 network to another, like from ETH to BSC, POLY and other EVM based ones. Just time savers for the nice to have bucket, nothing important.

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Hi @matiyin,

Thank you for your suggestions. This is a great idea and I have let Ivan and the core dev know about it as well. They agreed this is something that can increase productivity for the developers. It should be in our pipeline very soon! :smiley:

Thank you for your whole hearted support. We truly appreciate your feedback. Please do let us know if you have more. :smile_cat:

Have a wonderful day. Cheers!

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