Add a token to be watchable by Moralis in realtime for already watchable addresses

Hey guys. Anyone knows how to add a token to be watchable by Moralis in real-time for already watchable addresses without manually setting up the plugin “Sync and Watch Contract Events” or without invoking the Web3 or the Moralis Crypto Common Functions ?

Something like:“watchEthAddress”,…)“watchToken”,…)

If the address is already being “watched”- either because it’s from an authenticated user, or from a “sync and watch address” plugin- then the token balances will be synced to the xxxTokenBalances collection. You can then setup a Live Query on xxxTokenBalances to get real-time alerts for the token you’re interested in (where “xxx” is the chain prefix like “Eth” or “Bsc”).

If you’d like to add watched addresses programmatically you can call the watchEthAddress Cloud Function and pass it an address parameter.

const address = "0x....";"watchEthAddress", {address});
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Thank you for your answer!

Well, then I have noticed a bug in the token balance tracking by Moralis.

The server URL is
The server has the latest version - 0.0.234

I have two tokens on that (watched by Moralis server) address (0xf70f0b44E6737717eCbAF1eDE4C5DF1bA3e999Db) - recMATIC and MTX, see my screenshot, please:

The MTX token balance is shown in the server’s dashboard in the PolygonTokenBalance class right out of the box, but the recMATIC token is not.

The MTX token was fetched with the invoking of the “depositEther” function from the Matic.js and that works with Moralis for balance tracking.

The recMATIC token was fetched with the invoking of the “subscribe” method of a custom smart contract and the value was sent as a transaction option - that doesn’t work with Moralis for balance tracking, but it is shown in Metamask.

The MaticVigil explorer for Mumbai only shows the Matic WETH for that address in the token balances:

Can you link the transaction where the recMATIC token was minted? That would be really helpful. Thanks.

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Yeah, sure.

Blocks numbers on Mumbai for the transactions, which minted the recMatic, are:

  • 14341138
  • 14341021
  • 14340608
  • 14340536
  • 14340184

I’ve filtered the PolygonTransactions for the address “0xf70f0b44E6737717eCbAF1eDE4C5DF1bA3e999Db” by the “to_address” value equal to the “0x3a6ee06199b49b574169834a7f2e20b07fd722e2” in the Moralis dashboard.