Account Verification with phone number

I dont want to enter any of my personal information as the creator of this app im working on. Why is my phone number required to continue using moralis? Is it possible to continue without verifying my email (with a phone number), and if not, do i require access to moralis server to build using moralis libraries? Im very concerned about my privacy and giving anyone my data makes me extremely nervous, no matter how trustworthy the person or organization is.


As Moralis offers a very generous free tier, we need the phone verification to protect our systems against abuse and bot accounts. It is not mandatory right now, but will soon be. We understand that this may not be ideal for your situation, and we respect that.
However we can’t serve completely anonymous users, it’s not sustainable with the massive free tiers we have and we would rather provide next to unlimited free usage than to charge for Moralis.

Hope you understand our reasoning!

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And if I pay for the service can i remain anonymous? wouldnt that achieve the same goal of protecting the systems as a phone number? Even if I only paid a one time fee of $5, wouldnt that be more valuable than verifying with a phone number? because where I am i can get a prepaid sim for that much and make a bunch of accounts for 5 dollars each anyway. And this way you guys get paid instead of the phone company.

Yes - we will get back in a few hours, we may not need SMS after all

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so based on your feedback we have reconsidered how to protect from spam
we ask for phone only if someone is acting suspiciously (like using many accounts from same IP)

by default you dont need phone


Great, thanks for being flexible!