Accessing username through query

Running into an issue when trying to read the username of the queried object.
I have an object that stores the owner of the object. When a user creates an object, the currentUser will be will set as owner of that object. I tried to set the owner of that object directly to the currentuser.attribute.username, but it will not let me do that due to “access denied” failure.
So now, when I render the object and want to show the owners username. It will only show if the current user is connected. when another user is connected, the object will not give access to the username.
I can only access the user id, but not the username. any clues?

newObj.set("owner", currentUser);  //this works
newObj.set("owner", currentUser.attributes.username);  //this does not work

This works:

 <Text m="2" key={`Owner` +}>
        <strong>Owner: </strong>

This does only work when current user is owner, why?

 <Text m="2" key={`Owner` +}>
        <strong>Owner: </strong>

You might want to check how to deal with objects:

Also might be great to get a review on the entire code :face_with_monocle:

Carlos Z