Accessing additional/custom user attribute from client side

Hey ya’ll, would love a hand with this. Or maybe i’m approaching it from the wrong direction.

I’m currently using react-moralis (with nextJS) and am unable to access the full user object using the “user” i receive from restructuring the useMoralis hook client side.

const { authenticate, isAuthenticated, user, logout } = useMoralis();

I’m getting back everything that i would expect accept the additional columns I added to the db. Should i be using cloud functions for this instead? And if so, is best practice just to fetch a single user by passing in an id from client? I also tried from a node route but had similar result. Side note i may have additional questions about how to set up and best use the Role object but i’ll get after the docs and some videos first!

Ok, if anyone else finds this. It would seem that it is now present. So assuming maybe there is some propagation time before i can access new columns?