Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' 429

Hello guys, I have a problem this happens only when I connect to walletconnect a couple of days ago it worked fine now that I start my project again it gives this problem, does anyone know how to solve it?

This is a rate limit error. That error happens when too many requests are made from a particular IP.

One possible solution is this:

No working :confused: this problem is only with walletconnect :c

Did you try the delay code? Try making the delay longer.

Yes, I tried this is my code.

Yesterday it was working normally, but now all this has started to come out, I have tried but it still does not work.

not this delay, the one specified in the previous forum thread

if you look in network tab, what do you see? are there multiple requests made to that wallet connect specific url?

I followed the steps replace the file but the problem is the same, I got the tutorial guide that is shared on the moralis website it is the same code, but still none of that is solved and I am only connecting that is the problem it is the same code that this moralis git

Do you get that error every time now?

Did you look in network tab to see if there are a lot of requests made to that walletconnect RPC url?

Yes, It’s the same but now no crash app

How do I make the request not send much, replace the file from the previous thread but it still crashes and I don’t know why the app consults that url every 3 or 5 seconds

Try to click on those requests in network tab to find out more about what they do.

Is this.

That is the response, the payload may be related to getting latest block number.

What’s the best way for fix this problem?

I don’t know that now

The problem is with moralis, I have been working normally with walletconnect and no problem and a few seconds ago it appeared again, I don’t know if I want to acquire a plan since the same thing can happen in production. :confused:

This will not be fixed with a plan. If you can also patch Moralis sdk then you could replace that walletconmect RPC with another public RPC url.