Access opensea API by http request

Hey mage, i’m a data analyst working with PowerBI and i want to connect OpenSea data with API to PowerBI to Make data raport for NFT Project. But unfortunatly it’s nearly impossible to get the API KEY.
So i get on Moralis and read the article about the JS code to bypass this problem.
But i can’t use this code in my case since all i need in PowerBI is an API URL and a key (HTTP request).
So i search the URL used by moralis in the github code.
Basicly i want to know what call the getOrders function for exemple.
I bet this function call a API URL and that’s what i’m looking for.
Basicly powerbi use the same motor as Excel, so its the same way to connect an API to excel.
I need the URL you use to get all data table from OpenSea.

I don’t know if it is possible to do that now with opensea plugin from Moralis

you could try to look on this repository to see if it helps you:

I see :
const { data } = await${env.SERVER_URL}/functions/opensea_getAsset, {
network: _network,
tokenAddress: _tokenAddress,
tokenId: _tokenId,
But i don’t understand it, maybe if i do a http request with this SERVER_URL}/functions/opensea_getAsset i could get my data but i need the server_url so

you can create a server and install opensea plugin on that server and then to try