Access Denied Cloudfare after asyncio-aiohttp requests

I was using asyncio-aiohttp requests to use the morales API. For what I’m building, I need to take lots of requests to the Morales historical data deep-index API v2 so I needed concurrency but now I am suspected as an attacker. I was running about 500 connections to do 30k requests within 30 seconds. What are the limits? How do I get my ip address whitelisted?

What type of requests were you doing in particular? what is the information that you need?
30k requests in 30 seconds is a lot, I would expect CloudFlare to stop that.

You need to become a paying client for that load - please email [email protected] and deacribe your req/sec rate limit needs and which IP addresses you are using and we will get back with a proposal

What would be the rate for 1000 requests/sec to 5000 request/sec which would not run all day so the total reqs/day might be in the 10mil to 50 mil range.

Also, would it be possible for the endpoints by block like the token price at a specific block to get multiple blocks of data in one request? The transfers endpoint has the from_block and to_block endpoints max 500 transactions which is super helpful but the price endpoints for the erc20 tokens don’t have the from_block and to_block with a max of 500 or 1000. Also beyond the from_block, the ability to list the specific 500 requests blocks comma-separated or in a list would be super helpful for the token price at different blocks and to a lesser extent, getting individual addresse’s erc20 balances.

How many requests do you need per month? 1.5 billion? (50M x 30 days) or is it just a one day thing?

Probably 10-50m each weekend, around 1m on the weekdays so around, and some margin of error for development and fixing bugs. Around roughly 100m-500m per month not including the initial development and bug testing.

Hey @vodd!

Let’s move to emails, just please send me an email to [email protected] with all the questions and doubts you may have. Happy to answer them as soon you send an email.

Waiting for you there. Thanks!