Access Arbirtum Speedy Nodes with the Moralis Unity SDK?

I’m trying to integrate the Moralis Unity SDK with Arbitrum. I see that I can create an Arbitrum Speedy Node, but not an Arbitrium Server. Does this mean the SDK cannot hook up directly with Arbitrum?

It looks like maybe the Web3 object can be used for executing Evm RPC calls, but it still requires a CHAIN ID, which Arbitrum isn’t an option in your supported chains doc:

Is there a way to use a node url directly from Unity?

Does this mean the SDK cannot hook up directly with Arbitrum?

It means no server support currently e.g. for syncing on-chain data.

That supported chainlist is for the Web3API.

What are you looking to do? Are you using the ethereum-unity-boilerplate?

Yes using ethereum-unity-boilerplate.

Looking to get NFTs for a specific user and contract. I’ve been able to do this perfectly on mainnet. I’m looking to mint NFTs directly through the game. Also looking to call custom methods on a solidity contract deployed on Arbitrum. It’s for a game, will be things like increasing character stats and leveling up.

These two links may help in using the Arbitrum node in your project so you can query contracts.


Getting started using Infura with Nethereum - Nethereum Documentation

I’ve read those. I guess this is the core of my question. Is Arbitrum’s chain supported here?

Contract c = MoralisInterface.EvmContractInstance([CONTRACT KEY], [CHAIN ID]);

You can try it yourself.