Aavegotchi tutorial help

hi I am trying to get started tinkering with the new aavegotchi tutorial and am trying to get my server spinned up and its not displaying in my browser.
I am trying to deploy to a mainnet moralis server and already added my specific server url and application id.

is their something else I am missing.

Hi @Egod,

Please check out this post and if your question is still not resolved, please post more details so that we can analyse your issue better. :slight_smile:

I followed the same tutorial. I got as far as getting the resources of from phaser (there was a small typo in the repo. “https:” was missing from the fetch. I used kovan testnet as I gues that was ivan used on the video.

I am thinking we are going about this the same way. We are trying to get the program loaded starting the index.html straight from the folder assuming moralis is handling the server functions.

I skipped all the preguisites of setting up the private testnet on hard hat, ganache and frp and went straight to testnet thinking it is gotta work on public net at somepoint, why not right away :slight_smile: That maybe the mistake right there. Please let me know if you got it working for you, I would be interested to know.

(Current progress)

you need to run localhost for it to work

I am using the live server plugin. do i need to also have ganache running/configured somehow?

where exactly did you find this typo i am now trying to host the web server with “python -m http.server” and it says “/usr/bin/python: No module named http” are these things related?

It was in the index.html file at /aavegotchi folder when you cloned the repo. Right at the astart when declaring the resources.

still isn’t working, went through and fixed the typo. i have the repo downloaded and am trying to use the live server plugin for vs code. is that not through local host?