Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam - No gotchi on Moralis dashboard

Hi! I’m following Ivan’s tutorial and I’m having an issue retrieving my gotchi. The example in the video shows how to create a Moralis server on the Kovan Test Network, but my gotchi is on Polygon (I can see it on polygonscan.com). The problem is that, even if I create a Moralis server configured for Polygon, I don’t see my gotchi on the dashboard (I don’t see a user at all, actually). I have a local Node server running and I can successfully connect to Metamask and login. I get the user object just fine, the front-end code is just the barebones. Am I expecting to see something on the Moralis dashboard prematurely? (the tutorial shows a token address and a symbol string “GOTCHI” under EthNFTOwners, I don’t get anything like that). Should I have a test gotchi on Kovan? What am I missing? Thanks!!!

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You should see at least a user in Moralis dashboard after you successfully logged in in the front-end with MetaMask. Maybe you have to create a Moralis server on mainnet in case that you created it on testnet.

I figured it out. Thank you!!! :slight_smile: