Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam Built With Morlais

What’s up guys/gals. Just wanted to post my submission to the Aavegotchi Gaame Jaam. This was my first time competing in a Hack-A-Anything and even though it didn’t win I’m very proud of what I’ve built and the ability to demonstrate everything I’ve learned from joining the Academy. I also have to thank the community for all the help and encouragement the forums were vital for me lol. Side not professionally I’m an audio engineer and musician so I thought it would be a great way to bring my skills outside of crypto to crypto. The game music is entitled ‘Crypto Simpo’ my verse is a little homage to all of us here at Ivan On Tech Academy!

Aavegotchi Raiders! The Liquidators Revenge Demo

link to the song for your listening pleasure =]

‘Crypto Simpo’ NFT song


I finished re-did the Casino Dapp the other night just to practice and build the skills I have been cultivating. I was able to deploy to test net, verify my contract, and host on gh-pages. It’s really amazing how much I’ve learned being here. you can check it out here. 50/50 Coin Flip

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