A Question of Design

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Should a decentralized NFT project include a mechanism to inform consumers (humans or other projects) that an NFT contains questionable content? This would enable consumers to filter out content that could be considered offensive…

I am conflicted about implementing. On the one hand I am opposed to censorship. I hate what big tech does to filter out content that is not online with their views. On the other hand I know there are some very sick people in the world who do horrible things. My definition of the line that defines something that is horrible vs. something that is abhorrent due to culture, religious, political or personal, may be different from others.

For the project I am working on, I am thinking of a boolean value that could only be toggled on or off by a governance proposal that is agreed to by simple majority of voters. This value would be returned as part of the NFT detail. It would be up to implementers


  1. Consumers can avoid extremely offensive or disturbing content.
  2. Consuming projects could filter out content that puts them in risk of litigation.
  3. Should be hard to flag NFTs as majority governance voters must agree to the action.


  1. Content can be censored.
  2. Whales could censor content and we end up with a situation like some big tech companies or with what happened with STEAMIT a couple of years ago.
  3. Possibility of outside influence on the community from an oppressive regime, or legal body.

What is your opinion?

Thank you.

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And for all to seriously consider and take heed of legal implications upon you.

I can share a real world experience of this situation in the most legit way.

In conjunction with setting up my first web hosting services in conjunction with a Govt Young Entrepreneur Development Program, another participant needed a webhost 8)

this is one of the first 3 websites I ever hosted https://worldarterotica.com/
All the Content is 100% Art Works older than 250 Years of Epic Culture and zero comparison to any modern day adult content

I got setup in a shared space Community Training program place called Learning Enrichment Foundation where I could setup my servers on their T3 ooooooo 45 mbps

when some small minded abused catholic at L.E.F. management found out, she lost it and I was forced to relocate my server the next day!!! long list of expletives aside …

while we did not encounter any challenges over the content with my colocated server in small but real colocation host providers, Mojo continued to run into PayMent GateWay providers cancelling services and likely got around that crack down by using the same companies CC Payment Gateway Providers that pron websites use

SO this issue really does come from all directions even for genuine art and some horrified mommy is gonna cry to shut it down.

next I must reference all the Horror Movies put out on vhs and accessible to every child since then and the big horror fan community that I sometimes enjoy time with, very creative people.
Their strategy has always been to completely ignore the crying mommies
(which is my usual preferred approach)
and all those heavily abusive saturday morning cartoons and super hero erotica that has mostly be discontinued fetching higher dollars in the collectable community

Thank fully the world has grown up a lot and there are a lot less crying mommies but there is still no shortage of weirdos making freaky content and freaky adults giving it their attention

My Comic book master friend has gone down the rabbit hole to demonstrate numerous comic book series put out from the 20s to he 80s was authored and published by pedophiles.
How do you regulate that content in modern day collectibles.
you Refrain From Commenting or Drawing Any Attention To iT

I would say your proposal is Insisting on Drawing Attention to Scrutinise Every Piece begging to require Scrutinising Every Other Piece EVERY WHERE.

do consider the more Liberal Approach to ‘censorship’ ;

  • provide some informative tool for Adults to be able to regulate the consumption of non adults they are responsible for instead of blocking any content
  • if you start that responsibility of scrutinising, you kind of OWN that responsibility FOREVER

I would prefer to setup an external defi project that implemented the most basic rating system of
A - Legal Age Adults can Decide for them selves for all content and these are the range of Genres
B - for all NON Legal Age Persons it is automatically your Legal Guardians Responsibility to screen all content for govt and corporate propaganda brain washing that stops before kindergarten. and these are the Genres of content intended for Legal Age Not Required persons
maybe do it like a crowd source oracle
Then you could perhaps use LunarCrush to poll all the crying mommies and calm adults that want to comment to generate those ratings without being responsible for them
Then for your implementation you can leave the option in the NFT Meta Data or Require one check in through lunar crush to see if there is a rating the site should present to the site visitor.
that way you dont have to force the artists to do it to their NFT and new mommies and anxious daddies can get the Ratings Notice Anonymously as they search for suitable content for their not yet competent adults while the teenagers they are responsible for continue to download pron behind their backs.
There is no possible way for outside parties to enforce anything

and perhaps Most Importantly True Responsibility for regulating computer time, internet time, selective content time is Pushed Back into the face of Adults who are legally responsible for regulating someone who isn’t competent or just lost in hormones.

the best part though is you don’t really have to get involved in that discussion while providing any client site with the ability to enable an Anonymous Ratings Notice for what can be viewed from their site for those clients that have a Legal Obligation to care or Perceived Moral Obligation to care.

my legal recommendation would have to be Push That Issue as far away from you as possible. DO NOT Touch that issue with a 100 foot pole. It is just begging for the wrong kind of attention and backlash that you cant afford to have fall on you.
In case you do get sued for anything, shutdown and file for bankruptcy immediately and walk the other way. because that will be the only option you can survive.

do not step in it or it is likely to hit the fan and blow back in your face and cause great misery


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Good topic, I’ve been thinking of that also.

I propose to have approve/disapprove functions where any user can vote (have two mappings there to check if the user already had voted) directly by triggering that function in NFT’s contract. Maybe a small fee should be applied to counter fake votes.

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