A from_block query param does not work when getting erc-20 token transactions


I have started using Moralis API for getting crypto currency and crypto token transactions for a given wallet address and noticed that from_block query param is ignored / not working when getting a list of ERC-20 token transactions. This is kind of a breaking issue (e.g. in terms of consistency and performance) as now it is impossible to filter transactions by block number.

Endpoint: GET …/erc20/transfers

Any guidance would be highly appreciated.

you mean this endpoint: GET /{address}/erc20/transfers?
can you give an example where it doesn’t work?

Sure, this is the request with from_block query param:

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this seems to work as a work around for now (mainly to also add to_block):

Thanks for the suggestion, I will make a workaround to pass to_block which is latest bock on the blockchain.