A few Unity boilerplate questions

The project is up and running! That’s the good part. There are no errors, when I press play and click on “Authenticate” in Unity I am able to see “Scan QR Code to Connect”, So I scan it and it logs me in on my Trust Wallet account, works great! After this I walk around and can’t seem to damage anything? Is this what the boilerplate does? So my next step is to make my game use the UI connect to wallet with moralis? Is there any more information? One issue, I built the project on WebGL and all I get is a blank screen.

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Hi - great that everything is working

yes it’s demo game with just walking

About black screen in webgl - we will check

In terms of “next steps”:

You need to know Unity to develop the game further it will be difficult if you are new to game development in Unity

We recommend taking some Unity courses before trying to build game with moralis in Unity

Our Unity integration is still in preview mode without all docs in place which we will add soon as well


So… can i do a game that allows the user play my game and if he wins… something happens in the blockchain? I made the boiler plate running… but how can i make my user play the actual game and interact with the block chain from the game? Any hint ? i would really like to do it for this avalanche hackathon.

I am just asking for a high level instructions on how to proceed, thank you!

You need to learn Unity - we provide blockchain connection but it’s up to you to build the game

There are many Unity courses online

how to perform BEP-20 Tokens transaction in unity3d game?

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You do this using Nethereum. With the Moralis / Unity SDK the Web3 (Nethereum) Client is exposed using MoralisInterface.Web3Client

I have had a few others asking specifically how to do transfers, etc. There are some examples of contract calls in the README. However, I have also opened an enhancement request (Issue #39) and will add a wrapper function to MoralisInterface to make this type of call more straight forward.