504's and and cloudflare blocking requests


I currently use the Moralis web3 API as well as speedy nodes to get information about NFTs on the ETH chain. Since launching into production, my app has seen hundreds of errors per day pertaining to the web3 api calls & speedy nodes.

Web3 API – Im often receiving “504 Gateway Timeout” errors when hitting these endpoints:

GET /{address}/nft/transfers
GET /{address}

These endpoints are VERY slow for me. Sometimes up to 5000ms/call

Im also experiencing issues using speedy nodes. Im getting this as a response:

Too many requests for speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io. Try again later.

Would love some help on this if possible. Thanks

We will investigate the part with Too many requests for speedy-nodes-nyc.moralis.io

did you see any improvements for the cloudflare limiting problem? it still gives those errors now?

Yes, I’m still getting errors. They are intermittent tho.

you had errors in the last hour?

Getting these 504’s again today. I’m dealing with this in a production environment (happening on dev as well) and it’s causing some major issues. Anyone have any solution to this? It’s starting to becoming frustrating dealing with this constantly.

Now it looks like a problem on our side.

Hey, we are seeing these problems as well. We see “504 Gateway Timeout” under heavy load when calling GetNFTs. Any pointers?

can you share more information, as an example of a request that gets that error?
you can share it in DM if you don’t want to post it publicly.