504 Gateway Time-out for web3api calls on rinkeby

I’m getting a 504 Gateway Time-out every 5-15 minutes for some reason, is this a problem that’s begin formed at my backend side or is this an error on Moralis’ side?


Backend Code:

const initMoralis = async () => {
  await Moralis.start({ serverUrl: "https://rmatpmaksrdg.usemoralis.com:2053/server", appId: "xxxxxxxxxxxx" });

const GetAllNFTs = async () => {  
  const allContractInfo = await Moralis.Web3API.token.getAllTokenIds({ address: address, chain: "rinkeby", });
  const nftItems = allContractInfo.result;

  // Some other unimportant backend code

setInterval(GetAllNFTs, 10000); 

it looks like it is on moralis side with rinkeby in particular.

So it shouldn’t be a problem when I go live on the polygon/eth network right?

yes, it shouldn’t be a problem, also, if you test with a different testnet network now it should also work fine