504 errors when trying to index subgraphs on Arbitrum


BadgerDAO is trying to use Moralis Arbitrum RPC nodes (we paid for rate limit increase) in order index a few of our subgraphs. Things were working for a while, but we seem to keep getting 504 errors that stick for a while and eventually clear up.

The subgraph shows up in the logs of graph node and look ike this:

Sep 22 17:48:32.492 INFO Possible reorg detected, retrying, id: QmPic6CrjceeFnsm9SBceyYf3kqQN6dLTGHNhSwq2erkas, error: failed to process trigger: block #311127 (0x2b39…8323), transaction ca73bd165378a1f1d70e85145b7f353cc208f96a6f2ed803708699b2b446bdb8: Ethereum node returned an error when calling function “decimals” of contract “ERC20”: Transport error: Unexpected response status code: 504 Gateway Timeout

As you can see just simple timeouts on simple ethcalls. It’s happening across a number of subgraphs we are running, but here is one example.

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Hi @Tritium-BadgerDAO

Does it work correctly now? Or do you still have Timeouts?