504 Error IPFS Upload

I’m uploading files to IPFS using the tutorial provided here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VglTdr0n5ZQ

I’m getting 504 error when trying to upload.

Total files 3,690
Total JSON payload size ~22.5 mb

Am I breaking any rules or is something wrong with the upload folder?

UPDATE: I just got an error 520 now which hints at a cloudflare error?

you can not upload too much now with upload folder, it works with close to 5MB from my tests, we are working on improving it.

Is there a limit on number of files? Or it’s just size related? Tried to break the payloads down to less than 5mb and still getting error 504.

It should be only a problem related to size
In few days we may fix it

I guess we still have this kind problem with bulk uploads I am getting

“error Request failed with status code 502”

when I try to upload just 2 images of total payload size of 4.8Mb and If I try to upload more the I got
“error Request body larger than maxBodyLength limit”

yes, we still have this problem, in particular for uploading images you can use the normal way to upload to IPFS, and you could upload only metadata .json files with this function