503 Service Unavailable

Hello, in several requests I received the error message below, what causes this and how to fix it?

503 Service Unavailable

No server is available to handle this request.

that is for web3api calls?

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Our prod application is also down. I am getting CORS errors in the console log.
Didn’t update anything so I think its from Moralis side.

Would be good to have no Friday-deploy rule :wink:


after server restart it started to work.

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Seeing the same thing. Server came back after a restart, but no events were synced while it was down, so the data for the dapp is all broken

can you check again after 10-20 minutes after the server restarted? or it already passed that time

It already passed that time. Restarted more than an hour ago

what is the server subdomain/url?


I see that new events are synced now in some tables, what events are exactly missing?

There’s a 4 hour gap between 11:00-ish utc and 15:00-ish utc (not exact, but you’ll see it). Guessing the events were sent to the server while it was borked so it didn’t process them and didn’t re-ask for them.

But… if this had been a smaller outage, I might not easily be able to check, so ideally you have a way to find and fix gaps aitomatically.

can you send me a DM in discord?