3rd party modules in cloud functions

Is it possible to use node modules inside cloud functions that are not supported by default from Moralis?

I wanted to use “eth-log-parser” module but I dont know how or where to include that using require?

it is not easy now to use 3rd party modules, the way it works is by including the entire module code in your cloud code.

why would they do that? Thats super inconvinient.

the plan is to support 3rd party modules in the future
they are removed now for security reasons

Feels like every upgrade brings more downsides to Moralis tbh. Now they removed 3rd party modules as well as removing automatic token holdings ect. I dont understand why they keep removing crucial features just to tease bringing them back at an unknown date in time.

you can add the request for supporting 3rd party modules on roadmap.moralis.io