25_NFT_MARKET_PLACE - Uncaught (in promise) Error: Invalid function: "getBalance"

Hi all,

I just followed the tutorial for the NFT Marketplace tutorial, deployed the smart contract to Rinkeby, added my Moralis AppID and Server URL, added the Rinkeby smart contract address in both “logic.js” and “CloudCode.js” and in the file CloudCode.js, I did change the chain as follows:

I’m running this locally using “http-server”.

However when I login using Metamask, I get the following:

On the Moralis server, I see this in the error log:

I have my Metamask on Rinkeby and I already have some NFTs associated with that account. Am I missing a step?


Also in “cloudCode.js” I hardcoded my wallet’s private key for “const coodinatorKey”.

Lastly, here are the function definitions in “logic.js”:

you could get that error if the could code couldn’t be compiled, for example where is an error in cloud code somewhere, you will see if that is the case when you look in the admin interface at that server

Thanks - I did catch an error in the cloud code and it appears to be running without errors now.

One other thing - my wallet on Rinkeby does own NFTs, but they are not being displayed in the app. I noticed that in the logic.js, the Moralis query is as follows:

Is there another query so that the app can display all my Rinkeby NFTs?

you could use web3api directly, that NFTOwners table is no longer present in the nitro version of Moralis Server