1inch WalletConnect

Hi, is it possible to use 1inch on walletconnect? some of my community members were not able to connect to 1inch wallet. So i thought perhaps i have to add something or whatever to make this possible

Hi @Hydracoder

Could you share the code you used? If you want to use web3 functions from walletconnect you need to use:
Moralis.enableWeb3({ provider: "walletconnect"})

yeah thats what i am using already. but some of my communitymembers cant connect with 1inch if they select walletconnect… i cant really say the error … its just not working… any ideas?

as you can see 1inch is not listed here… how do they connect?

You need to select the wallet you have. Also you need to set chain in the provider settings:
Moralis.enableWeb3({ provider: "walletconnect", chainId: 56 })

i dont understand? how can i select the wallet i have (1inch) if its not even listed … check the picture ther eis no 1inch wallet to select

1inch is not a wallet, it’s an exchange

WalletConnect shows you available mobile wallets you can use