1inch plugin questions

Hi there
I took a server and I installed a 1inch plugin while following a video on youtube on the moralis web3 channel and also I took the boilerplate code from github.com/Moralis Web3 / demo-apps / tree / main / dex-tutorial by running this code to test with real coins I saw that we give authorization to a certain address to automate transactions from our wallet address. after my wallet is completely empty by these addresses. I have a video of the operation where we saw the address after the swap and by checking on www.allowance.beefy.finance indeed it is the address. I can provide you with all the evidence. the problem the guy who makes the video is a member of moralis team.
I am not the only victim of this scam while tracking this address I found a lot of people claiming their coins on etherscan and bscscan in the comments section.
A third party crypto firm are mobilize against this guy and the problem is the name of your company. please do what is necessary to stop this scam.
you can go into my log server msg to check the address

Hi @Kiranos,

We are not sure what sort of authentication you are talking about. Please provide more details and we will see into it.

The address you provide is the official 1inch address (you can see all the audits by multiple security firms https://etherscan.io/address/0x11111112542d85b3ef69ae05771c2dccff4faa26#code)

That address can be used by any dapp to have in-app trading

If you have any questions or concerns about how it works it’s better to check with 1inch team in their community chats - we only have an integration with their tech

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