To many requests when fetching pendingTransactions on BSCC

Hi, how do i stop speedy nodes from giving me “too many requests” error when subscribing to pending transactions on BSC network? is there a way to make only half as many requests but still fetch all transactions?

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Having the exact same issue. Apparently rate limit is 3600/s but im still getting too many requests

Moralis support told me its 3600 per minute and

if you’re querying for both pending and recent transactions, you’ll eventually make calls for the same transaction that used to be pending, but was later confirmed as well

but if i subscribe to “pendingTransactions” shouldnt it only be pending ones?

Edit: i thought about switching to quicknode because they have unlimited calls per second but turns out they give 400 calls per hour for 9$ a month. This is also not really helpfull for fetching pending tx’s

dont use quicknode. they dont have a full node just an api so you wont get all transactions. this is the same for ankr aswell the alternative im using atm is the shared node from getblock