[SOLVED] Failed to Compile - @/styles/globals.css

I would like to be able to gain access to the styles used in the @/styles/globals.css file. Attached is a screenshot of localhost:3000 showing the package I am missing. Please provide a prompt.

Hi, what tutorial are you following?

Hopefully this help here:

we dont have this file in our auth tutorial. where did you find it?

Earlier this morning. I have been on here awhile. Another employee with your team suggested this code to use. Follow this link an read the thread created this morning. Thank you for communicating. ErrorOn - How to Authenticate User with Metamask

you dont have to include that file, it was just an example on how to fix the code that didnt work. you can remove that line where you import the styles

If I delete the line from the code if that is what you meant for me to do? What I see next is attached as a photo from localhost:3000 after I use npm run dev. error3

Did you include the signin and the user page? if yes you need to go to

I did not… Now when clicking the authenticate via metamask button I am throw a new error as if the .env file might not be read properly. Here is another problem. Thank you again. That was a simple fix to add /signin.

Make sure you created your api routes as per tutorial.
Also after you modify the .env file you need to restart the app

Okay give me some time to look over the api routes tutorial once again. Then ill get back to you. Thanks again.

Can you post the link to the tutorial for creating your api route please. Thanks.

So this is the identical link that I am following. My api route is set accordingly. I am not sure is the secret key has been saved properly on the Moralis profile however. Can you still help with this. The following is my current screenshot from localhost:3000/signin.

what do you see in your console?

This is displaying in the console.

Your terminal i mean, after you run npm dev, what do you see there when you access /signin?

Here sorry this is what you mean.

Hi @4-Art the last screenshot you posted does not show a critical issue, the warning is because some code is not compatible with nextjs and it does a full reload instead of fast refresh in those cases, see more at https://stackoverflow.com/a/74640821/5500559

Then, the 404 when you go to localhost:3000/signin does this happen when you click authenticate? please check your code is exactly as described here: https://docs.moralis.io/authentication-api/evm/how-to-sign-in-with-metamask#secure-authentication-after-signing-and-verifying-the-signed-message

Also please try testing on a browser where you have metamask extension installed, configured and select to read data **on all sites** and let us know if this works. This can be configured right clicking the metamask extension and following:image

Hi Moralis team,

Here was a message from johnversus from your team earlier today:

"Hi @4-Art

As per the latest wagmi sdk version createClient has been replace with createConfig.
Here is an example code on how to update wagmi code as per the latest wagmi version. Please try similar to this." and here is the link ErrorOn - How to Authenticate User with Metamask

I copy and pasted the code from johnversus into my _app.js (attached image) and deleted the import @/styles/global.css line. I thought this was the fix. Instead should I replace the _app.js file to its original stat from the tutorial “how to authenticate with metamask” and use number 4.

Also my setting for my metamask is already set to on all sites

Please provide further instruction.