[SOLVED] Event is not logging in Moralis database on devchain

now my code is giving me a new error says "Master Key required for this request " I haven’t changed anything just changed the server and its credentials. I have updated my code with the new server

strange, it is the master key from the same account/server?
is masterKey sent as parameter to moralis.start ?

it now working in my older dapp . things that worked for me is that I changed my chain Id to 0x539
and also I changed table names in the sync script . when I am using the older tables names which were previously synced it is still not working. so change the table names. thanks for your constant support . I hope it helps many developers.

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I’m having the same problem as everyone, my server url is https://fblvionstdcx.usemoralis.com:2053/server

Any idea whats wrong here…


it looks like a typo here

Thank you help and for pointing out the mistake. It seems it’s still not working …

it could be something else now

are you sure this is the correct contract address?


yes, it is the right one…