[SOLVED] Can't send requests to NFT API without the user connecting

I think that you have to add server side that code, where you will find a similar code already

If you look in network tab for the payload of that request do you see the app id there?

Some do, some don’t. Even those that do, return empty.

Would it be possible, to DM you the API details, so you could troubleshoot yourself? We really need this fixed fast.

here is says client version 1.9.0 and not 1.12.0

I mean for when it doesn’t work with your self hosted server to look in the payload, not for when it works with your moralis server

The screenshot are with the local server. And I guess the 1.9 version is from the package.json

"moralis": "^1.9.0",

And I can’t change it, since moralis v1.12.0 doesn’t exists. I can only change the moralis-v1 to the new patch, but I already did that.

"moralis-v1": "^1.12.0",

can you try to build again in an empty folder? in case that there is some cached package from the past

this is the file where you have to add that patch server side:

The latest [email protected] seems to have fixed this issue.

You need to install [email protected] in order for it to use moralis-v1 instead of moralis.

And then uninstall the older [email protected].

If you’re using any imports from Moralis in your code e.g. import Moralis from 'moralis' then you would just change moralis to moralis-v1.

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Thanks, this worked. But one extra issue popped up, all GET data request are now returning error 1. When I call any other request everything works fine, but when I try to fetch any data from DB I get an error.
Screenshot_16 Screenshot_17

Can you post this code where you try to fetch data.

This function is causing the errors.

And this happened only after you updated to [email protected]?

I am not getting that issue when querying my parse database with similar code. Can you try with a simpler query e.g. without the equalTo and try querying a different class like UserListings.

Yes, it only started after I switched from moralis to moralis-v1. And it keep happening with all queries, even the simple ones. What’s strange is that the error is only prompted when I request valid data, but when I request data that’s not in the DB, no errors come up, and I get a valid response {"results":[]}

what do you see as payload and response if you look in browser network tab?

When data is valid.
Screenshot_21 Screenshot_22

When data is invalid.


does it work with another table?

that User table has restrictions like ACL CLP?

Yes, the same is for all tables. I’m not sure about the restrictions thou, how would I check them?

if you install parse dashboard then you will get an interface similar to how moralis database dashboard looks like and you can see the tables there and set/edit the permissions

For anyone dealing with this problem in the future.

Solution to original question

Solved the MongoDB fetch problem by recreating the tables again via Moralis API.