Rate limit change

We are using the web3 and Solana API to fetch wallets native and token balances, on 4 EVM networks and Solana simultaneously. Our app failed this morning as users could not load their wallet. It appear that this is due to the fact that you changed rate limit per minute to rate limit per second. This change prevents our service from working properly with a Pro plan. Also this does not work at all with a free plan that some of our devs use for local testing (the free plan now allows 25 requests per second and I think we use 30 to fetch a single wallet). We need to maintain our service even in the event that several users reload their wallets at the same time.
Can you please revert this change ?

Hi Clem, nice to meet you, sorry for disruption

We have simplified our rate limits so its only 1 variable now like you say Server >> web api rate limits

we removed some complexity from the rate-limits (like bursting which you probably relied on)
our old system was difficult to explain to clients

so the solution to this is that we give you the proper plan for your needs

please email [email protected] and tell how many requests per minute you require - the guys will set you up

thanks a lot!

Hi Ivan, we do not really want any complex limit but to just be able to have our requests per minutes as before. This change you just made is quite limiting compared to what you proposed previously, in our case things worked pretty well until now.
Regarding the custom plan, we already discussed a lot with one of your devs but we wanted to use the regular Pro plan (we suscribedto it 2 days ago) for some time before upgrading.