Query Database From PHP

How do I get data from the Moralis database from php? I know I can do this by POSTing data from JavaScript but I heard this isnโ€™t secure.

To re word it:

Is there a way to access data from Moralis database with just PHP? I am trying to pass a data from Moralis database to PHP but realized this isnโ€™t secure since use a hidden form which can be easily changed using inspect element. To prevent this, I need a way to access the data directly from PHP.

you can connect directly to mongo db if you want, How to do database backups?

What exactly is mongo db and is there no way to grab the data with just php?

maybe this helps you: https://github.com/parse-community/parse-php-sdk

basically I think that you can do anything you want in php, mongo db is a database

Is there a way to get the data from the Moralis database without the use of mongo db?

you may be able to do http requests to get the data, but you should be able to connect to mongo db from php too