Please login from your server

hi @cryptokid

Why i have not accessing my moralis database?

Error Display : Please login from your server

Please guide me.

You have to access it from the admin interface. You login in admin interface and after that you open the database dashboard.

I know that without login i don’t have access for database.
But my problem is when i have login and click on access database button then its redirect to login screen.

it works without problems for me
can you try to update the server in case that it doesn’t have latest version?

i am facing the same problem

can you also try from the legacy interface:

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it worked…
thank u

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can u assist me on this problem?

Hi, I have the very same problem.
I get the same message when trying to open db by clicking “Access Database” (tab Database in server view). This happens on Windows: Chrome and Opera.
It does not happen on Macos (only chrome tested). Macos is in the same network as windows.

I heard that sometimes it works from safari or Firefox