OpenSea - getting live listing and offers


is there any option to get active offers and listings for specific OpenSea collection?


From above URL I would like to get assets details like price, is it on auction, new, is on sale.
Is there any option available to get this data?

I mean this is just example what would be best fit for our project, if can’t get it per collection could we do it with single asset contract?

We can’t get OpenSea API token (waiting for 2 weeks now) so we hope to achieve what we need with Morales.


You can find the info about the opensea plugin here. I do not think you will get everything you need here, but feel free to check it out (also I have seen some people say the plugin is not available in the past few days, and not sure if it is back yet)

Thanks, will check it out.

Does anyone maybe knows is there any other option available beside mentioned plugin (I checked it and could not get data I need).


Using Moralis I believe that is your only option, for the data you need you are most likely just going to have to wait for opensea to give you an api key

Thanks @kone
Hope will be able to get opensea api key, it’s really ridiculous…

Yeah, I have heard they can take their time with it :sweat_smile:

Waiting it for 2 weeks now :slight_smile:

I signed up a few months ago with no response. You may be waiting a while.

@alex :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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I requested an OpenSea API key yesterday and was sent one within about 12 hours!

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What did you do? Do you have collection, are you buyer?

I just gave them all the info they requested. I spoke too soon though. I’m a developer and the key doesn’t work with testnets!

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