Not getting response for walletconnect and Moralis.executeFunction

I think that you can identify if it is wallet connect or not: Moralis authenticate ios/ android / trustwallet and more

for trust wallet in particular, you may get in another problem later: Wallet connect takes me to trust wallet page

const provider = window.localStorage.walletconnect ? "walletconnect": "Metamask";

if i first connect with walletconnect. and then disconnect and connect with metamask. it gives me walletconnect as output…

when i clear my cookies and i use metamask. it returns metamask. but when i first use walletconnect. then refresh and connect with metamask (without clearing cookies) i only get walletconnect as output.

you could try to remove that item from localStorage before connecting:



yeah i got it working by using a public variable for the address. that was the problem. but when i use

tx.on("transactionHash", (hash) => { console.log(hash) })
  .on("receipt", (receipt) => { console.log(receipt) })
  .on("confirmation", (confirmationNumber, receipt) => { console.log(confirmationNumber,receipt) })
  .on("error", (error) => { console.log(error) });

with awaitReceipt: false
i only get the transactionHash in console. nothing else… although the transaction has already completed

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Great that it works!!

Hey @tcvdh

I’ve done some tests and I have the same problem. I’ll let you know when we will find a solution :raised_hands:

@Yomoo which problem exactly😅. i encountered multiple😂

That’s why there is a rule : “One problem - one thread”.

I’m speaking about receipts from WalletConnect