Moralis SDK is failing on event sync and live queries suddenly

That first server upgrade has 4 CPU cores compared to 1 CPU core for a basic server.

Okay, thanks for the information. I will revert back if we opt to upgrade the servers.

Hi, @cryptokid Currently we are trying to create a new fresh Dapp server for the Mainnet and it is reaching 100% CPU utilization without using them. We have recreated it multiple times but unfortunately, it is getting to 100% utilization.

Need immediate attention to this, because we are actually in the middle of the production launch

you can request for a server upgrade if you need a better server
what is the server url?

We are in the discussion phase to either go with a server upgrade / self-hosted, we will definitely let you know about it. But for now can you able to resolve this issue for us quickly? It is unstable right now

Dapp URL:

@cryptokid Any steps being taken to fix this issue? Please acknowledge if your team is already looking into it

I’ll look now at that server

this server seems fine now, it is a basic server, it seems to work, it will have spikes in CPU usage because it is a basic server, what you see in admin interface for CPU usage is only from time to time (every 1 minute), it is not real time data

Understood, It is working now. Will ping you if I need anything else

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