Module not found: can't resolve 'moralis -v1'

ok i find that it is conflicting with web3uikit.

anyone else running into this problem:

"moralis-v1": "^1.11.0",
"react-moralis": "^1.4.2",
"web3uikit": "^1.0.4"

“ok i find that it is conflicting with web3uikit.” Do you get an error or what happens when you try to use web3uikit with these versions? Can you share how you’re using any imports/code?

Make sure you’re installing web3uikit like this.

Ok thanks, seems like there was a big change/upgrade.
I’ve updated everything, finally can work without adding moralis-v1 but the debugger no longer works.

warn - Attempted to load @next/swc-darwin-x64, but it was not installed
error - Failed to load SWC binary for darwin/x64, see more info here:

I’ve done everything posted on that page.

Im on M1 mac

You need to explicitly install moralis-v1

eg. yarn add moralis-v1

@Blaq I’m developing a similar Dapp to yours where i have to connect to the user’s wallet using the approve method and set a large approval value(hope you’re getting me :frowning: ) and I have the exact same problems ( usdt approve method integration errors and gas fee issue) you have been having and getting support about :frowning:
Is it possible you share your site script or reply a few questions of mine? Can I please contact you personally for some minutes of your time? I had a lot of motivation but now im stuck and Im still looking for a good template for my mining dapp. It would be a huge huge favor. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your urgent help!!

Please make a new thread with more details about your issue and any code.