Generate Your Deflationary Token Without Coding ! Token Tools

Hi :slight_smile:
I built a tool on Moralis for generating your own deflationary token without coding, its name is Token Tools and whole process takes only 15-30 seconds.

Click here for go to

You can watch token generation tutorial for better understanding:

Token smart contract has all of theese popular functionalities and you can set the rates as you want :slight_smile:

  • Tax(reward) fee
  • Liquidity fee
  • Burn fee
  • Marketing fee

Bonus features;

  • Automatically verified source code
  • Token recovery function for accidentally sent to smart contract itself
  • Setting marketing wallet(in the beginning it is same as owner address but changeble after deployment)

Token Tools never takes any percentage of your tokens, its only charges “service fee” and gas fee(this one goes to the blockchain itself).
You will be the only owner of your whole total supply of your tokens…

You can connect to Token Tools via Metamask, Trust Wallet(dApp browser) or any kind of injected wallet app.
I’ll add WalletConnect option in the future…
P.S: I prefer Metamask.

I’ll add many more features in the near future like “Create NFT”, “Token MultiSender” etc…

The best part is Token Tools token generation service is 5-6 times cheaper than other token generator services :slight_smile:
You can see service fee and gas fee informations after succesfull connection.
I hope you all like it :pray:

If you have any question, you can always contact me on Telegram:
I’ll glad to be help you!