Ethereum Boilerplate Questions

Hi @midou099

Please share the error screenshots. Thank you :man_factory_worker:

Screenshot from 2021-11-05 16-47-15

Same error on POST request when trying to access to the wallet

For the dex,it is showing me tokens for bsc, eth but not bnb.

Thank you

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I’ve checked your server logs. I see that you are calling getNativeBalance() for "chain":"ganache". But our web3API endpoints are not available for local chains.

They support all public testnets/mainnets

What do you mean? BNB is not a blockchain, it’s a native crypto of BSC

Hi there, I see the Dev chat is busy so I figured I’d ask you guys my unanswered questions on here in regards to the boilerplate. First, how can I add the whale alert dapp to this Ethereum boiler plate? Second, how can I allow only users with a specific token (NFT) to be allowed to access a specific part of the website? I remember seeing a tutorial on your YouTube channel but i cant find it anymore. Lastly, Cardano is emv reverse compatible so is there any way to fetch nft data from cardano as well? I don’t want to use an entirely diff API like blockfrost just to accomplish this. If so, can someone guide me in the right direction? There’s not much info online for that but I plan on minting a portion of my NFT collection on Cardano and would like to only grant access to the main features of the website to all NFT holders crosschain.

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Hi @buru!

  1. Do you mean ?
  2. You can create own easy logic: Get all user’s NFTs docs and filter them. Then easy logic like if else
  3. Currnetly we don’t support Cardano chain.
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Glad it worked out! Happy BUIDLing!:rocket:


what am i going to do next after installing the 1inch plugin or do i need to code something into the inchdex.jsx to make it work?

Hi @mejmerlin

That’s all you need. Also, you can specify the network you want to use the Dex on :man_mechanic:
In the boilerplate default network is ETH.

Hi, i am trying to host my front end on GitHub Pages, and I’ve uploaded my new edited files from the eth boilerplate into a new repo with at the ending. This allows me to host my front end through GitHub Pages but when i upload the entire edited eth boiler plate, I get this: which files am i suppose to be leaving out?

Hi I am having trouble after “yarn start” and received the following error.

Have you run ‘yarn install’?

Thanks Ivan. I re-ran a “yarn install” and then “yarn start” and it opened up in local host but the live server in VSCode doesn’t work. Will you bring any burner wallets and in dapp faucets to the boilerplate like in scaffold eth? would be great to not worry about users/addresses or finding faucets online.

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binance smart chain not working in the boilerplate once i connect to binance smart chain the dex disappears how do i fix it

i got this error
PS C:\Users\User\Desktop\wff daps\ethereum-boilerplate-main> npx yarn install
yarn install v1.22.17
[1/4] Resolving packages…
[2/4] Fetching packages…
error Couldn’t find the binary git

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Hi @MarkyMarx we will add faucets :raised_hands:

Hi @kubkymberly

You need to set this info on settings

Hi @joaoalvesmarrucho. You can ignore the first message, but the second is a problem with Mumbai RPC. I suggest you to edit the src/helpers/networks.js config and change the Mumbai RPC to Speedy Node:
You need to change:

"0x13881": {
    chainId: 80001,
    chainName: "Mumbai",
    currencyName: "MATIC",
    currencySymbol: "MATIC",
    rpcUrl: "",
    blockExplorerUrl: "",

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I’m having this error after I cloned a fork of the Boilerplate:

I did follow all the steps: cloned, npm install, created .env with my app id and server url, npm start.
What’s weird is that the same project works for one but not for me…
Updated the server too, same. Version issue maybe…

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