Cloning OpenSea NFT Boilerplate Questions

Hey @MattS,

Have you tried checking out an earlier version of the ethereum-boilerplate as discussed earlier in the thread?

Thank you! It works perfectly now

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For some reason most of the NFTs that show up in the default version of the boilerplate (without doing anything to it beyond adding in the app id and server address), don’t have images.

The online demo also isn’t showing images for my NFTs.

My initial impression is that it has something to do with the INFURA integration, although I didn’t go too deep into it.

Jello IAmJaysWay, I’m having some issues filtering the NFTs inside balances tab with the collections also set for the explore section…

Could you help me out with that? Maybe some hint on how to accomplish it? I tried to “copy” a bit the functionality on the explore but without success.
Thank you in advance!

You should be able to just bring in the collections from the collections.js helper function into the useNFTBalance.js hook. Then after you call the Moralis Web 3 API to get your accounts NFTs, just filter out all the NFTs that have a token_address not present in the pre set collections, brought from the helper function :slight_smile: .

Hi @Ioulaum ,

This is peculiar, I can’t seem to reproduce, but have asked about your issue and will get back when I have more info!

how can you set a percentage of the price the NFT is sold for to be taken?

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Good Morning Everyone,

I want to Apologize in advance of these questions were answered previously, I could not find the answers so I am asking now.

I have absolutely zero programming knowledge/experience, will this be user friendly enough to allow me to create a complete NFT marketplace place?

I am trying to create an NFT marketplace that will be launched on Immutable X will this be able to work for Immutable X? It should launch on Immutable X soon so I want to be ready for when it does?

Are there any other resources that you can point me to, to assist me with creating the marketplace?

Lastly, will I be able to create a section where people can trade multiple collectibles? For example I have 2 of this and I want to trade another person for 1 item he has?

What about an auction functionality?

Thank you I’m advance for your assistance.


Hello Jay, I’m having some issues with the marketPlace listing approval…

for this you need programming knowledge, we will soon add a way to launch marketplaces without code also - stay tuned!

explain all in detail - what error you get etc

you can add that in the solidity code

Hello Ivan. So, when I list a token I get an excption from the Smart Contract. I figured out that I have to approve the transfer prior to the transfer. Issue is that IDK how to proceed with that… Maybe you could help me through telegram? If yes my username is @ulvur I’ve been trying to find a solution for 2-3 days already lol…

I try to approve the transaction with the following:

could you make a video on how to add functionality where a user could create new collections determine a price or auction it off?


Nothing seems to be working at all for me using the boilerplate from the video and swapping the chains and collection over to BSC. My moralis server is on BSC mainnet and everything was followed. Always getting error 400 on every api call it seems

Server log shows a lot of this

  1. 2021-12-05T21:04:26.078Z - Parse error:

I’m losing my mind

do you have an old server?

Hey ivan, ive tried on a 0.0.292 server and a new one 0.0.295

Checked the logs - don’t see any error since your last restart?

updated the 2 day old server to 0.0.296 and some features are working now! the personal NFT collection shows up, but the main collection “explore Market” area just shows no image and ‘undefined’ Collection Size:xxx.

Shouldn’t this be pulling all the NFT from the added collection?