Cloning OpenSea NFT Boilerplate Questions


I’ve been stuck on this for weeks now. The images test NFTs I minted on opensea following the “bulk IPFS upload tutorial” don’t show up and even when I try to sell, i get these error message! I’m already getting frustrated here. Please help me!!

I gave up on this, couldn’t get it running at all, local or vercel, heroku etc.

Went back to the dabit3 boilerplate which I can run local and on vercel. This won’t run on vercel, example below:

This is good but don’t know what i’m doing wrong.


can you give more description please on the steps that you did to setup everything that it didn’t work? thank you~

I cloned the app from github locally and forked to mine to connect to vercel and heroku.

Changed the moralis settings as detailed, added the ABI contract example given in this post, added the sync specified by Jays.

Heroku asked me to add the node version “engines” which I did as 17.1.0. Vercel doesn’t like this.

I think the issue may be to do with openssl in node 17 which has to be ‘set’ in local run, however I can’t do this with vercel or heroku?

   Installing node modules
   npm ERR! cipm can only install packages when your package.json and package-lock.json or npm-shrinkwrap.json are in sync. Please update your lock file with `npm install` before continuing.
   npm ERR! 
   npm ERR! 
   npm ERR! Missing: @ant-design/[email protected]^4.7.0
   npm ERR! Missing: @testing-library/[email protected]^5.11.4
   npm ERR! Missing: @testing-library/[email protected]^11.1.0
   npm ERR! Missing: @testing-library/[email protected]^12.1.10
   npm ERR! Missing: @walletconnect/[email protected]^1.6.6
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^4.16.13
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^0.0.118
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^17.0.2
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^1.4.1
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^17.0.2
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^0.2.6
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^5.2.1
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^5.3.0
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]
   npm ERR! Missing: [email protected]^1.0.1
   npm ERR! 


I am looking to make listings in USDC.
Can anyone direct me towards how I should go about adding another token for listing/buying the NFTs?
Even just changing ETH for USDC would be an acceptable solution.


seems like it’s just missing all those packages, you just need to run npm install every time deploying to heroku to have the complete packages, otherwise the boilerplate will not run properly

You might need to make a different function or modify the createMarketSale function to accept ERC20 as the payment option, the payment flow will be different two as you will need to have the user approve the ERC20 transfer for payment. Then in the new function use

ERC20(USDC_address).transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), amount)

to transfer the ERC20 token to the contract or any address. Of course this is just one way, if you have other payment flow, you mignt need to do it in a different way.

Thanks, but why do i have to run npm install every time for heroku (or vercel)? They install dependencies automatically when deploying from github (which i’m doing). I can try from my local computer but the github repository is a fork of this with the settings updated.

After npm install and deploy to vercel and heroku. Can’t build locally or from github.

vercel —> Error! No Next.js version could be detected in your project. Make sure "next" is installed in “dependencies” or “devDependencies”

(vercel uses node 14.x)

heroku —> Push rejected, failed to compile Node.js app


I think that will be quite a bit over my current skill level.
I’ll might give it a try, but I think the current version will have to do.
Thanks for the answer!

i try to add nft price it work fine for 999 value but it not work with 1000 and greater

Hey, I was just wondering is there a fee already associated with the marketplace so 10% of the sales goes to the creator of the marketplace. I am building my own marketplace and I want them to use my own token but I need help with a few things if anyone has an example code or something to do these following things please help me :slight_smile::

  • The main token used in the marketplace is my token
  • Have a 10% fee on all transactions in the marketplace

Can someone help no the best programmer but when i am trying to get the pictures to come in for my NFTs they do not show i have tried taking the comments out and creating a proxy but that still does not work and i am lost now

I get the following error message in Metamask when I try to List the product:

This transaction is expected to fail. Trying to execute it is expected to be expensive but fail, and is not recommended.

After that, when I try, it says contractAddress is null. I have followed every step of the tutorial. Any thoughts or help? Thanks in advance

Same here. Did you solve it?

if i want use fee smartcontarct so just add
function withdraw() public {

   (bool succes, ) = payable (0x0558b09fCb06DB00a3F7492dB5BA1C7BeaE88594).call{value: address(this).balance * 25 / 1000}("");

right like a opensea fee service

how do I paste my ABI into moralisdappprovider in string format?

hi bro i installed the demo out of the box and everything is working fine but when i go to nft balances the images are not loading just white space, what could be the issue? i can see the nfts but no images

i am using the react boilerplate

do i have to change any code here?

                      src={nft?.image || "error"}
                      style={{ height: "300px" }}

let me know if you work something out… i too am having no images just white space

I got nothing let me know the same I tried with there and mine and still same results