Calling a function on your own

Hello everyone,
I don’t know shit about coding but now I need to call a function (ie allowance) in a smart contract, that is not shown as an alternative in bscscan.

Can I do this with Moralis? If so, where should I start?
(Also is there any simpler way than to learn to build dAPP yourself?)

Thanks in advance! Grateful for all input.

what you mean by this part

allowance should be easy to call as it should be from a standard contract where you can find the ABI for that particular function

Hi cryptokid,
Thanks for the reply!

Hm, as I said I don’t even ABC of coding. :wink:

When I access this contract in writing mode in bscscan, I am given 11 different calls to choose from: “add”, “deposit”, “emergencyWithdraw”, “inCaseTokensGetStuck” etc.

I don’t know any other way to communicate with the contract than this simple one. (Except for bscscan I don’t know what tool to use.)

What do you want to do? Where from do you want to call it? Do you know how to use MetaMask?

I want to call the contract, Web3-connected with Metamask.
My funds are stuck in a vault and I get “Fail with error ‘ds-math-sub-underflow’” when I try to withdraw, (which I wrote about in another post yesterday.)

I read somewhere that this error could be due to the LP token not being approved, so I thought I’d try to call “approve” or “allowance” to see if I can get any result.